I’m a freelance multimedia developer and designer specializing in educational content with an emphasis on rich, interactive learning experiences. The concepts that guide successful educational content carry over to corporate presentation as well, and a significant portion of my work has been subcontracting to design firms and web development agencies for corporate clients.
I’ve been programming for over 30 years — with experience ranging from operating systems development to early computer graphics standards to high-level development environments like Flash. I’ve seen development technologies come and go, but what remains is an emphasis on intuitive interaction, appealing design, and coherent presentation of material.

I am currently available for contract work. I have also always taken non-profit projects of special interest to me on either a paid or volunteer basis, on a time-permitting schedule.
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It would be long-winded to list every technology I've worked with. Suffice it to say that if it’s a technology relevant to multimedia delivery, I’ve either had experience with it, know a colleague who can handle it, or I would be able to pick it up quickly. More relevant is my commitment to lean, efficient, and well-architected code. This provides a solid base for your on-going needs — both in terms of extending the code and adding features with minimal time and cost, and providing clarity for future developers who may work with the code.
That having been said...
The general nature of work I’ve handled recently is front-end (JavaScript & jQuery, HTML5, Flash) and back-end (PHP, PERL, TCL, Unix) technologies and database (MySQL) design & access. Structured data communication (XML, JSON, AJAX) often plays a key role.

I’ve also done graphic design, image creation & processing (Photoshop, Illustrator), and basic video & audio conversion & processing.

In addition to web-based projects, I’ve created standalone apps (iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, Flash Air, C/C++) for mobile devices and desktop computers.

1994 – M.F.A., University of California at Los Angeles
Department of Film and Television, Animation Workshop. My thesis project was an interactive, educational exploration of the Middle Ages, using Macromedia Director.
1982 – A.B., Cornell University
Bachelor of Arts with Distinction. Double majors in English Literature and Computer Science.
What’s Eyebright Interactive?
Eyebright Interactive is a company we formed in 1994 to produce a CD-ROM based educational game combining lush graphics with imperial Chinese history and traditional puzzles. Alas, it was a bit late in the days of independent CD-ROM development, and although we received a lot of positive feedback, nothing beyond a demo version was ever produced.

I’ve kept the website name and logo for nostalgic reasons, but do business strictly as myself now.